Coming Up

Every year I look forward into the new year. I set goals, envision the future, predict what is coming up.


One of my ongoing goals in life is to be a source of happiness and joy for others. To accomplish that goal I have to be happy for myself. I have to love myself and find joy in the things that I do.

My major goal for this year is to study for pass my CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ tests. Secondary to that is to pass my Word Expert and Excel Expert tests also, in my spare time…

Another goal for me is to get back the discipline I seem to have lost concerning my weight and health. I am eating too much of the wrong things and just too much in general. I know what I need to do, I just need to do it.

Envision the future

I think it is important to “see the future”. To project your thoughts into the future and make self-fulfilling prophesies.
For me it is seeing my new program being successful and helping students understand and succeed in IT. I want them to be enthused everyday they come to class. I want them to be excited to take tests and complete labs.
I see myself as the confident and knowledgable instructor that has time for his students and cares about what happens to them.
I see myself as the caring and understanding husband that still has time for his wonderful wife. The person that helps me through life. Without a good home life everything else suffers.

Predicting the future

This is a hard one…
I want to say that, as I am in IT, that computer storage will be a hot topic this year. I am sure to revise that when I go to the CES in Las Vegas next week.

Have a Happy and Productive New Year everyone

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Happy New Year

happy-new-year-2017-quotes-imagesEvery year, just after Christmas, I reflect on the past year. I review my successes and my failures. Every year I hope that my successes outweigh my failures.
Many years ago I learned that failure was not a bad thing, but an opportunity for learning. A lot of my friends chide me each year telling me not to dwell on my failures and to look at my success. I look at it the other way. I am excited to look at areas of my life that I may have failed at something, it gives me an excellent chance to get better.


Here is my example. Last year I helped to institute a help ticket system at the school. I failed to prioritize some of the tickets correctly. I should have communicated better with my boss on what to do. That taught me a lot about communication and perceptions. It has helped me to shape the way I communicate with my employer.

Size matters

Another thing to understand is, as I have gotten older the size of my failures has gotten smaller. They are not as earth shattering as they were when I was younger. The critical nature of failure has diminished. Does that mean I don’t take big risks? No I take huge risks all the time. I have gotten better at understanding risk and minimizing failure.


So I like to end my posts with a lesson or a point of inspiration. Don’t be afraid of failing. Take risks, understand that failure is part of life. Plan for failure, look at the downside of the risks that you take. What is the worst that could happen and are you prepared for it?
No get out there and enjoy your life, because part of that is taking risks.

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Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays everyone…merry christmas

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A New Direction

My Opinions

I need a place that I can express my opinions of U.S. politics. I have tried to use Facebook for that purpose but it is hard to express complex issues in short posts. If you write too much people will only read the first few lines and then comment of will read the title and comment without reading the post itself.
I am writing about my opinions, I am not saying that this is fact or in anyway implying that I am a news source.

If you don’t agree

If you don’t agree with my opinions, please feel free to leave a comment. If it is not a troll comment I will approve it and we will have a discussion. However if it is an angry or threatening post I will delete it, that is one of the nice things about doing a blog. My Blog – My rules.
When I started this blog so many years ago it was to express myself to the world. I said then and I will say now that if I get readership great, if not that is okay too. I use this to get things out of my head to be put to rest. Otherwise I just stew in my own thoughts and that is not a good thing.

Liberal or Conservative

Many people think I am a liberal, and yes I do have liberal leanings, but I am actually an independent. I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
I will say right now that I am not happy with the idea that Trump is our president elect. Not because I wanted Hillary to win, but because he is a vile human being. I will be blogging a lot about how terrible he is and what an idiot I think he is.


I hate hypocrisy… Can’t stand it. That is one of the reasons I am angry with the current political situation. There is rampant hypocrisy and no one seems to care or acknowledge that it is going on. More on that later.

In Closing

In closing I will be blogging about my opinions of the things going on.  You don’t have to agree with me just be civil.

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A little rant, okay ? Just blowing off my anger

Source: A little rant, okay ? Just blowing off my anger

This person is a great blogger.  She expresses her emotions honestly.  Her raw way of putting things down is great.  I was moved by this post.  Read it above.

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Hatred of Muslims – Beginning of Genocide

Fear of the OTHER

Let me start this conversation by saying that I am appalled what the terrorists did in Paris. I am shocked and angry that this happened. HOWEVER

I am equally shocked and angry at some of the responses to this tragedy.  I was reading an article on Flipboard (a news app for various devices) and in this article a person in Texas said that ” They are living on a different wavelength that we do not understand. And they just have to be wiped out

What? Really? Wiped out… Gone… non-existent. Very similar to what the white settlers did to the Native Americans, or what the Spanish did to the Inca, or what the Germans did to the Jews.

Are we so incompetent that violence is the only way in which we can defeat ISIL? Just to be clear, where are they getting their money from. There must be banks that are allowing them to do transactions for selling oil. Why are we not decrying the banks to stop doing business with ISIL? Shut off the MONEY and you shut down ISIL. Why is Turkey buying Oil from ISIL? Why are we not undercutting ISIL’s oil price to make it harder for them to unload this oil?  Oh yes…  PROFITS.  Where did they get the weapons in the first place? America left behind literally thousands of pieces of equipment when we pulled out of Iraq. We funded and funneled the Free Syria Freedom fighters – a precursor to ISIL. The majority of ISIL comes from the FSFF that the American Military trained, that’s right we trained the Enemy that we are now complaining about

“Us and Them”

We all know that strife and war are profitable. The military industrial complex thrives on having a ready made enemy to use when the world gets a little peaceful.
Look there, they are the other, they are scary, they are the ones that will come for you in the dark. We must go to war to eliminate “them” to protect “us”


I would ask you to look at some perspective.  Yes 7 or 8 Muslims from ISIL killed approximately 130 Parisians. It was tragic.  I am sure they had help so lets say a 3 to 1 ratio helpers to henchmen so you would have about 32 total people carrying out this atrocity. Now, estimates are that there are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world today – as a percentage that is .000002%. I am not saying that there are not radical Muslims in the world.  There are, but there are also radical Christians that bomb abortion clinics, go into black churches and kill people, go into theaters and kill people.  We don’t denounce Christianity when this happens.  I would remind us that Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and injured 600 more, many of them women and children because of how the government handled a religious group in Waco, Texas. We didn’t round up all of the gulf war veterans and wipe them out because of the actions of one man.

Fall Out

I know that I am going to get grief about this. Publicly and Privately. My sister and her family is Jewish. My friends and family are Christian. I am not trying to excuse or make light of the tragedy that happened in Paris.  I am not saying that there are not bad Muslims in the world. I am not saying that we should just sit back and wait to be slaughtered.
I am saying that there are non-violent ways to deal with part of the problem. I am saying that we should not “wipe out” an entire segment of the population over the actions of a relatively small percentage of that population.

We have too many Genocides in our past, lets not add one more to the list.


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Charity Work

My wife participated in a volunteer cook book to help a young girl with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).  She gave many recipes for this project that are near and dear to her heart.  Family favorites that she wrote herself and tested over time. The address for getting this cookbook is  It is only 19.93 – 23% off list price.  Please take a look and give generously.

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Since July

I have not been blogging since July when I wrote about Second Life.  Although that was a great article and I really enjoyed it I am not playing as much as I was.  Why you might ask? The simple answer is there have been so many changes, I hardly recognize the culture any longer. I used to be able to go to a place and monitor the conversation in “local” chat, now everyone seems to use private messaging to talk.  For me that takes some of the fun out of it. The other big thing is the population has dropped dramatically. When I first joined the amount of people on line would number in the hundred thousand range, now you are lucky if it hits fifty thousand, more like thirty thousand most of the time.  I know that sounds like a lot but when you consider that the majority of the people are in small groups that are in a private area it actually makes the chance of meeting someone randomly small.
Another reason is, it seems that the online market place is geared toward women.  I know saying that seems lame but 9 out of 10 stores cater exclusively to women.  The first thing that happens when I say this is “More women like to shop than men” and I understand that. However after a while it gets a little boring.
I have kept my account only because I will check in every once in a while, and because I actually spent real money on some of the things that I have.  It would feel like throwing something away that is still useful.  You never know, the popularity of having an online second life might become popular again.

I could go on and on about work and other things but I think I will save that for another post.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by

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Second Life


Back in 2010 I joined Second Life ( At the time I was new to the educational field and was looking for new ways to integrate gaming into education.  I read an article about 3D virtual worlds being an innovative way to get students involved.  So I found a 3D virtual world – Second Life – and joined up to see what it was all about.  Now I like video games, they are an integral part of my life, but this was something that was beyond a video game.  It was my love of D&D and video game all rolled into one.

What did I find?

I found a whole world with a functioning economy and thriving social scene.  Unfortunately I had come a little late.  The peak of SL (Second Life) happened in 2008 and as the Real life economy dropped so did SL’s.  People didn’t have disposable income any longer and even though SL is a free download and you can play for free. There are enhancements that cost money, money that people didn’t have any longer.  I met some very interesting people, just as you do in real life.  I also met some very strange people, just like you do in real life. I guess the biggest difference was that I knew if I didn’t want to be around a person in SL I could block them or just not go where they were.  In real life it is not that easy.
It took a while to understand the the in & outs of the society but not that much.  In a couple weeks I no longer considered myself a NOOBIE.
I started to search out other schools that were on SL.  I found the Oregon Community College, Ball State, and many others.  (a lot have shut down at this writing) I wanted to see what they were doing and how.  I didn’t see a lot of students on-line with the schools I went to.  I decided that this wouldn’t be something that we would want to do as it would take a lot of development and time.  Time is precious to me.

I did however keep my SL account.  I went on to explore this virtual world and collect things.  I gave up my other video gaming time to explore this world.  I got a little addicted and spent way too much time going there, my wife complained and I finally gave it up.
I took about a year off.  Just last Saturday I went back just to see what had changed.


I was surprised that so many people have left SL.  The number of people on line was minimal compared to the first year I was on.  Some of the people that I had befriended were still there.  One in particular was Susan, she and her husband were early adopters and have been there forever.  She was happy to see me. We chatted and caught up.

I have decided to stay a little longer and play and visit.  For those of us geeks it is a fun environment.

Unfortunately there is a dark side of SL, and I stay away from that.  I will speak of that later.

Here’s a video about SL

Back in Real Life

I am going to be interviewed for an Instructor position at my school..YAY!  I am so excited. I have the qualifications, now I just need to wow the selection committee.  I know of three competitors and they are stiff competition.  I will certainly have to bring my A game.  If I get it, my salary will almost double.  Some of the stress from living pay check to pay check will be taken away.  When my previous job was eliminated back in 2009 I took about a 1/3 pay cut when I took this job. I stayed because it is a wonderful job. It was hard at first but we adjusted.  Now it is time (four years) for me to move up.  I am optimistic that I will prevail.

Well as always thank you for visiting and leave a comment should you wish to.

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Random Thoughts


About two years ago I went gluten free.  Since then  I have had to explain why I did it to many people.  It is not that I am sick, or will die if I eat gluten, I just did it to lose some weight and then I felt so good that I kept at it.  When you break away from the “norm” you are questioned about your motives. I find that interesting


My wife and I have been together since 1997 and have been married since 2005. I truly love her deeply.  That is not to say that we agree on everything, or don’t occasionally get on each others nerves. We work on our relationship constantly, ensuring we are on the right track. Aware that the other persons feelings matter and would we want to be treated that way.  I think a key to healthy relationships is thinking like the other person, being aware of their emotional state and acting accordingly.


When you are young and in love you cant seem to have sex enough.  There are not enough hours in the day to have sex.  As you grow older the number of times you have sex during the week decreases.  Not because you don’t want to have sex, but because the quality of the sex increases.  You are more aware of your partners needs and desires, more into pleasing them versus yourself. It makes for a wonderful experience.
At least that is how it should be……

Have a wonderful day to all of you who stop by…

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