Sunday Morning

well it is Sunday morning, as with every Sunday morning, I will be talking to my sister that lives in Israel. We talk using Skype, it is free and there is video. This is the one day of the week that I really look forward to. My sister and I fell out of touch for a long time. When we finally reconnected it gave me a sense of belonging. I will admit here that I was at fault for the long intermission of our relationship, luckily that is behind us and we are able to move on. My sister is of the Jewish faith, where as the rest of the family is some form of Christian or agnostic. O.o
We are a normal semi-functional family. We are spread out over the US. My oldest brother is in Texas, Devine Texas to be exact. My next oldest Brother and my Father live in South Dakota, I live in St George Utah, and my younger brother lives in Seattle Wash, last I heard. He doesn’t talk to us much after mom passed. My mother’s death hit him hard, being the youngest and having an eight year separation from the older kids, he was alone in the house with mom for a long time.  All the rest of us had to compete for her attention, he got exclusive rights for a long time.  I am sure that made their relationship different from the rest of us. 

Back to the subject.  I need to learn how to do that and not get off on a tangent. 

My sister is writing a book, well several books and I am busily reading them.  She is a good writer.  She can capture a vision and make it come alive.  The chapters are short, maybe a little too short but that can be fixed in editing.  I am excited to be the first to read them, or one of the first.  Makes me feel special in a different sort of way. 

Well that is all for now…

About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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2 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Lee,

    I really liked this article. It was from the heart and I like things that talk from the heart. You should have a link on your homepage at NT so that people can find this site easier.

    Good going!

  2. Steve Carwell says:

    Way to go Lee…It’s cool that you’ve got your blog up & running!

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