Titles are important but so is lots of other stuff

I finished Chapter 4

I have learned at the end of chapter 4 in Problogger that titles of posts are extremely important.  It pulls the reader in, it helps with SEO (which I finally realized meant Search Engine Optimization), and RSS feed readers will likely read an article that has a good Title. 

Post length

I learned quite a bit about the length of posts. How it is important to really cover a subject but if you get too wordy then people will run away.  How you can break up posts like I am doing here with headings so that people can scan the article and pick out what they want to read.  I have looked over a lot of blogs lately and I have to say that I agree. The posts that I read the most of either have some form of list, a bunch of headings that I can scan or maybe some form of contents area so that I can see if I want to read the whole thing. 

Frequency of Posting

How often do you post???  Too often and people will get tired of seeing you, not enough and you get lost in the blogosphere.  There is just so much out there to keep up on that it is hard to get noticed and read.  In my very first post I mentioned that I felt that I was talking to myself, and in a sense I am.  For a blogger to not post thinking that no one will read his/her content why are you blogging. In a way we are posting in the hopes that someone will read it but at the same time we are posting to post… to get our ideas out there and in the real world.  I am going to try to post every day at first, more if I can. 

Multiple Blogs 

The idea here is to get more than one place to express your ideas and interests. It can also be a way to increase readership, by linking all your blogs together.  It also increases your work load, if you are doing this for money.  Just a side note, most people who have multiple blogs are doing it for some kind of monetary gain.  I have been visiting many, and I do mean many, blogs in the last few days. I have noticed that many of them are inactive since the middle of 2010.  I am going to do more research but I wonder if that is just on the ones that I am interested in.

Well, that is all for this post. I hope that everyone that gets this will have a wonderful day.

About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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