Cooking…A passion

My Wife and I love to cook. We consider our selves foodies, and border on food snobs.  Here is a great example. Americans and most of the civilized world is addicted to SALT. A few years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was told that lowering my salt intake would help.  I will be the first to say that the first few months were hard. My food didn’t taste the way I wanted it to… I missed that “flavor” enhancer.  But then as time went on I began to notice subtle flavors, spinach actually tasted like spinach, beef was much beefier, and pork… OMG.  Kicking the salt addiction was hard, we read labels, changed our favorite brands, learned that just because something says “low sodium” doesn’t always mean it is low sodium it may mean that it is lower than before, but still packed with salt.  We began to notice that things that you wouldn’t think had salt in them, had a lot of salt in them. Tomatoes are a great example, I wanted to find a no salt added canned tomatoes… guess what… they are so few and far between that I almost gave up.  Why do canned tomatoes have salt in them?? I mean most recipes tell you to add salt as you cook, so that means that you are doubling the salt that is already in the tomatoes in the thing that you are using the tomatoes in.

Going out to dinner

Going out to dinner has become somewhat of an adventure.  I can hardly eat some of the food as it is so salty that I just can’t get by the taste of it.  I have started to tell the waitress that I am on a low salt diet and request them to hold as much salt as possible.  That doesn’t really help that much by the way…  the only place it really works is at fast food places where you can tell them to hold the salt on the fries. So my wife (Annette) and I usually stay home and cook for ourselves.  At least we can control the amount of sodium in our dishes…

A hidden benefit

so what does this have to do with the passion of cooking?  Good question, because we cannot go out to eat at restaurants we have had to learn how to cook good food at home. Our biggest teacher.. Food Network, that’s right, we learned so much from watching different cooking shows.  When the host has taught us all the techniques that they can we switch to another show.  We have watched all of the great TV chefs, Bobby Flay, Paula Dean, Michael Simon, Iron Chef etc etc etc… this list goes on.  We have collected recipes from on-line sources, tweaked them just a little for our tastes and made some fantastic dishes.  We have made some real stinkers too, well mostly me with the stinkers. 🙂
We don’t try to cook for two.

  1. it is too hard to modify recipes for just two people without trying them over and over.
  2. I love the leftovers for lunch and dinners.
  3. It is easier, and I am all about easy

Over the years Annette and I have built a large assortments of foods that we like to cook. We have sampled just about all the cuisines of the world.  We are currently working on Indian food, not an easy task but we have some help from this wonderful Chef.  You will love her cooking and recipes.

I hope that there are those people out there that will get inspired to cook more.  It is cheaper and a lot of fun.  Annette and I use the time as together time.  It brings us closer as a couple, remember food is passion.


About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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3 Responses to Cooking…A passion

  1. Sylvia Devine "Your Sister in Law" says:

    Good for you Lee and Annette,

    Larry is the cook here. I hate cooking cause food has gotten so boring to me at times, but because we are both diabetic we are doing our best to eat lots of fresh veggies, and lots smaller portions of meats, and salt is only added after cooking in small portion.
    Sylvia 8)

  2. renxkyoko says:

    My mom also has high BP and so we have to adjust our taste buds to ” bland” foods. But it’s okay. If some of us need a bit of salt, we just add a few drops of Asian condiments like ” fish” sauce and soy sauce to our own portions . For dishes with tomato sauce, we don’t put salt anymore. Hot dogs are toxic ! They’re packed with salt !

    • Lee Devine says:

      I agree that Hot Dogs are toxic… and the turkey dogs, that are supposed to be healthy, are even worse than the normal ones. I love fish sauce…. our next cusine is Korean… now that will be an adventure

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