Monday Morning

Good Morning World,

I am one of those annoying people that has a smile on their face and a cheerful “good morning” on their lips every day.  Most people enjoy my positive attitude and I hope that I cheer someone’s morning just a little bit.  Then there are those who actually resent my cheer and good will, the “whats good about it” (with a fake chuckle or laugh).

The weather

This morning is cloudy and rainy.  I couldn’t ride my scooter as I don’t enjoy getting wet.  I should say that I didn’t ride my scooter, if I enjoyed getting wet I would have ridden it.  This is not overly unusual for St George this time of year, being a little damp.  Yesterday got up to 86° which was just comfortable.  When I first moved here from Portland, Oregon, I thought that I would never acclimate. The first day I pulled in it was 115° and that was in September.  Over time I have now come to see 86° as comfortable, even a little cool.  Our favorite saying… “its a dry heat”, when someone told me that years ago I thought “yes, but it is still hot”.

A busy week

This week is going to be busy for me.  I have several things that must get done.  I am working on a Logo for the new industrial maintenance program we are starting at the DXATC.  I just took a design class, as most of you know, so now I have the opportunity to put my new found knowledge to the test.  I am a firm believer that if you go to school that you should put that new skill or knowledge to work right away.  If you don’t you will lose it really fast.  I know that we could hire someone to do the logo, and probably will but at least I can give it a try first.  You never know what will happen.
I also have to work on the on-line portion of this program.  Now that is the fun part for me.  I am using a program called blackboard and even though we are going to be moving to a new LMS (learning management system) next year. I am investing the time now to get it up and running.  They tell me that I will be able to migrate my class over.  I don’t know if i want to do that or just start over with the new and improved features.  Maybe I will migrate the old one and work on a new one at the same time.  Now that would be a blast. ”
For those of you that don’t know.  One of the reasons that I am going to college is to get a degree in operations management and visual technologies.  I believe that this will help me to make more effective on line learning modules, which is my ultimate goal.  It is what i want to do when I grow up…

I hope that everyone that reads this enjoys every minute of their day, and for those that don’t read this… Well I hope the same for you.

Have a wonderful day all…


About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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