Compassion or common sense?

I was speaking to a friend that is in the health care profession, they had told me that on their way to work that they saw a patient walking down the street in their robe and shoes.  When I questioned them about how they got out of the hospital they told me that it wasn’t a lock down facility.  I agreed with them and then wondered why no one had called the police or asked this person why they were leaving the hospital in just a robe.  It got me to wondering where is the compassion in the world?  Are we so afraid that we don’t want to get involved?  Or is there an underlying common sense to it?  Is the reasoning something like “I won’t get involved so that I won’t get sued, beat up, intimidated, questioned, etc.” My friend asked me some hard questions about whether I would help someone if I knew it would put me at risk.  Would I give mouth to mouth to a person that had track marks on his/her arms.  I have to say that I would… I would try to protect myself as much as possible but I would help if I could.

Is that all there is??

Is this the best we can do as a society?  When did it become dangerous to help someone in need?  When did we decide to let the courts decide what is good and what is bad?  That is the answer I have heard today as I queried people.  “I am afraid of being sued” is the predominate answer I get when I ask the question “would you help……”.  We will give our time, we will volunteer, we will help in an organized fashion, like a community coming together for a flood, but we seem to hesitate helping an individual. 

I know, I know

I do know that we have to protect ourselves and our families.  I am not saying that we should just throw caution to the wind and destroy our selves.  I am asking you and myself to ask the tough questions when you see someone who needs help.  Is it worth it?  Will I be a better person for it?  If you are religious, what would God want you to do? 

Just take a moment and run through your mind —  What would you do if you saw someone about a half mile from the hospital wearing a hospital gown and nothing else…. Would you at least call the police???


About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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