The Economy

How hard can it be?

I read two articles today that really got me going.  Here is one and here is the other.  The first talks about how to fix the economy.  The black hole that is sucking us all dry.  It offers some good ideas, but in my opinion misses the mark.  The next article talks about the top 4 industries that benefit from Tax Breaks.  It also talks about why it is a good thing to keep those tax breaks going, again good ideas, misses the mark.

My solution

My solution is both direct and complex. Anyone that tells you that fixing the economy is simple, that there is some magical bullet out there that will just fix everything is a con-man.  They are trying to sucker you into either voting for them or worse giving them money.
My first act would be to eliminate all the loopholes from the tax code.  Yes I am a proponent of the flat tax.  It is the fairest thing to do.  If you make ‘X’ amount of money you pay ‘Y’ amount of tax.  Will that prevent people from cheating on their taxes? NO… but it will eliminate the situation of a company making billions of dollars and then getting billions in “refunds” from the government.  It would also mean that I and millions of other people would actually have to pay the interest on the massive loans we take out on houses.  I don’t have one now but I did. Was the deduction nice? Yes, but when you think about it I am asking all of my neighbors, countrymen, all the people who rent, to help me pay for my loan. If we truly believe in personal responsibility then we should pay for the things that we buy, not expect the government to do it.
In that same vein we should remove the deduction for charitable giving.  Much for the same reason.  If you feel that giving to a charitable organization is a good thing, why do you expect the government to reimburse you for part of that giving?  Does that not lessen the act of giving?
Subsidies…. Get rid of them, we should not have to pay someone to be in business. (period) We operate our economy on the basis of the free market, that supply and demand will set the price for things.  Why then do we give money to farmers to not grow crops. When it started in the depression it may have been a good thing, but now over 95% of the farm subsidies go to agribusiness corporations that rake in BILLIONS of dollars a year.  I don’t think that they need the money to stay in business.  Same way with oil… I heard the oil executives say the other day that if we did away with the subsidies then oil would raise in price… I say go ahead… you will see how quickly we find alternate forms of transportation and electric car sales will skyrocket.  They will find out how quickly their sales will plummet and price will come down… a new normal will be established.
Military spending should be cut in half.  Bring all the troops home and put them on the Mexican border guarding our country from invasion.  If we guarded our borders better 9-11 would not have happened.
Foreign aid… cut it off. Charity begins at home.  When we have our fiscal house in order then we can help others, until then, I am sorry the bank is closed

Who is ripping us off??

You know that is the worst question of all.  Our own neighbors and country men are ripping us off. Every time they charge more than what is required, every time they win a no-bid contract, every time they purposely underbid so that they can charge price over runs. We the tax payer gets ripped off.  I once knew some one that was in the government procurement business, he told me that everyone does it, that they aren’t hurting anyone, besides the government has lots of money and this is just a drop in the bucket.  I am no longer friends with that person.  We complain about waste in government.. Guess what, it is your neighbors and countrymen that are creating that waste.


I could go on and on for pages and pages about what could be done.  The one thing I want to leave you with is this.

We don’t need to eliminate the “entitlement” programs to balance the budget.  What we really need to do is to stop building guns and bombs and being the policemen of the world. the cost of one of the B-1 bombers would feed our hungry for a year or fund medicare for 6 months.  What is more important???

About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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3 Responses to The Economy

  1. Pammy Oakley says:

    How do we quit paying for the babies that are born on this side of the boarder, so they can be American citizens. Mom comes across the boarder, has her baby, (that we pay for) and then goes back across the boarder. Mom is still an Mexican citizen but baby is U.S. citizen.

    • Lee Devine says:

      If we protected our borders then Mom wouldn’t be able to cross and have a baby… The next thing I will say is the if we punished people that hire illegal immigrants then they wouldn’t be able to find an apt or pay to live here. The thing that brings illegal immigrants here is the quest for a job. If we make it so difficult to get one (a job) then they will leave. Although health care is another subject, and one that is very volatile at that, I will say that I believe that our world is at a moment in time where we need to decide that we want to kill ourselves or move towards harmony… One of the corner stones to that is universal health care. Perhaps I will write about that later….

      • Pammy Oakley says:

        Blogging about universal health care should be an interesting subject. I am lucky that I have good insurance through my employer. I pay some of the cost (pre-tax), and my employer pays a huge chunk. My concern is that when I am ready to retire there will no longer be medicare or medicaid.

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