When Thursday is Friday

Happy Thursday

I am still getting used to the idea of only working 4 10 hour days during the summer.  Which means that every Thursday is actually Friday for me.  Like today!!!!  YES.
I will admit that I like the 3 day weekend, getting used to it is something else entirely.  I still wake up at the same time.  I still do all the things that I normally do on a weekday, but I don’t leave the house to go to work.  I am considering the idea that I can change my morning routine tomorrow.  Maybe I will sleep in, not watch the morning news, not take my shower so early… maybe not even shave. No—I will get up and I will do all those things because to my mind it is just another work day.  I know maybe I will feel better about it if I do all those things and then just think that it is a hooky day… Now there is an Idea.  We all feel the guilty pleasure of a hooky day.


In my blog roll is Seth’s blog.  I like his blog because it is short and sweet, he talks about one subject and moves on.  Today I got an email about selling nuts to squirrels. I was intrigued enough to read the whole thing.  The whole worldview thing has always intrigued me.  At one time in my life when I was young and foolish I felt that my view was the only right view, that somehow everyone that didn’t see the world the same as I did was flawed. Now, of course, I know that there are very different world views out there and all of them are valid well most of them anyway…

As always I like to leave with some sort of closing statement or question.  What is your worldview?


About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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3 Responses to When Thursday is Friday

  1. renxkyoko says:

    i have to admit that i get annoyed when my view of the world doesn’t jibe with the others’. I once dumped a guy who thought global warming was a hoax.

  2. Pammy Oakley says:

    I work 3 12 hr. days a week. It sucks. to work @ 0730 off work @ 2000. The only good thing is 4 days off a week, but I find myself getting bored on those days off.

  3. LMN711 says:

    I too have 4- ten hour days, it takes a little getting used to, and sometimes those days DRAG on, but it sure is nice to have those Fridays off! Happy “Friday”!

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