A promise is a promise

Here I am again

I promised myself that I would write here at least once a week.  I tried to make that Saturday however that didn’t seem to work out.  I was busy doing home work on Saturday and of course I was stumbling.


What an addicting site.  I joined stumble upon when I started blogging as a way to increase my readership.  I don’t know that it has worked very well but OH WOW what a great site.  It works like this.  You sign up for a free account.  You choose from hundreds of “interests” and then you hit a button that says STUMBLE.  I don’t know how the algorithm works, and I don’t want to, but it chooses a website that matches one of your interests. The fun thing for me is I would never think to go to these websites.  I wouldn’t even think of the search terms needed to get to some of these sites.
Here is a good example – I was stumbling one of my interests (yes you can do that) called futurism.  This is one of the WEBSITES that I was taken to. It tries to predict what the world will be for every decade. I would not have searched this website out but it was interesting to me and I spent about 30 min looking at it.

Not Just a Time Waster

Now you would think that this would just be a time waster… I beg to differ with you. I am attempting to learn Adobe products on my own. Specifically Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign when I was stumbling I found this WEBSITE that gave me tutorials for Illustrator.  I have stumbled upon many very useful and informative sites that deal with software, fonts, tutorials, and just general information.  One of the nice things is that you can “like” the page and it will save it for you in your favorites.  You can also link to other sites like twitter and facebook.  Of course all your friends can see that you are wasting time stumbling.  Just as an aside, I wouldn’t “like” something at work unless your employer and you are very close friends.  It could be documented as stealing time at work.

Not to Say that it is all Serious

Wow just wow

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that all my time on stumble upon is serious or useful.  I try not to lie and that would be a big one.  Here are several very humorous and quite plainly useless sites that are just fun.  1  2  3  4   Games abound on stumble upon and pictures are one of my favorite finds.



I did get a lot of my homework done.  I read the rest of my philosophy assignment.  I thought about what I wanted my research paper for English to be about.  My philosophy was interesting, the final chapter which I don’t remember who wrote was about an interesting subject.  Do you think it is better to kill someone or to let them die.  It was actually a very well written article.  The basic scenario is that you are a doctor.  You have a patient that is dying and also has a very rare blood type.  You then find out that there is a completely healthy person that has the same blood type.  Do you kill the healthy person to save the sick one?  What if you had 5 sick people in the same situation.  If you kill this one person you can save 5 others.  If you don’t all 5 of them will die.
One other situation he brought up was a trolly going down the tracks out of control.  The walls of the gorge that the tracks go through are steep and unclimbable.  There are 5 men working on the track ahead and the only way to not hit them is to swerve the trolly onto a side track ahead that only has one person on it.  Do you swerve and purposefully kill the one or do you stay the course and let the 5 men die???  What if the one is a small child? Does that change your mind?
Like I said it was an interesting article.
My English research paper is going to be on the subject of foie gras.  The french delicacy, many people say that it is animal cruelty to overfeed the geese and ducks to produce the overlarge liver that is foie gras.  PETA has attacked many places using, in my opinion, terrorist tactics.  I am thinking of using the question. Does the production of Foie Gras equate to animal cruelty.  We will see.  I have done some initial research and there is a plethora of articles both pro and con about this subject.

So once again I am going to attempt to continue to post weekly.  I am an avid blog reader, many I have reblogged here.   Keep up the good work all of you.  See you later…

About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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2 Responses to A promise is a promise

  1. pammyoakley says:


    • Lee Devine says:

      I am glad that you are still reading my blog.
      I was stopped cold too by the author of the article HER name is Judith Jarvis Thomson. It was really a good essay. She points out several metaphysical ideas, several of which points out that it is better to kill than to let someone die and vice a vise. It would seem that there are many many many variables that would put “moral obligations” on you to chose one or the other. I know… way deep..

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