Where the Heck Have I been???

What is going on?

I have been trying to update my blog for some time now.  Every time I start I get side tracked and end up not finishing.  When I get back to it, what I have written seems lame and uninteresting.  So I sat down this weekend and thought about why I am having such a problem.  I started out this blog to have fun and just write about what I thought about the world and my life.  Somehow that morphed into making perfect blog entries that were formatted correctly and had all the right elements.  I think that I was trying to get readership by following all the “rules”.  I have decided that is not me.  I am going back to my original intent for this blog and just write about stuff.

Starting School again

School starts tomorrow.  I am taking a food nutrition class and a political science class, both of which I am very interested in.  The food science class because I have recently changed my diet and the political science class because I am a very lonely democrat in a sea of republicans.  Utah is a “red” state, very red, very very red state.  I sometimes have to bite my tongue when it comes to political statements.

New Diet

About 4 months ago, I decided to go Gluten Free.  I had been having some “problems” of the digestive type.  A person that I follow on line was talking about their “digestive” problems and they sounded very similar to mine.  The indicated that they had cut out gluten from their lives and their problems had gone away.  I thought what the heck lets give it a try.  I went to the book store and got a book called Wheat Belly by a Dr. Davis who espouses that because we have modified wheat so much that it is no longer a healthy grain to eat.  Many of the symptoms that he described in his book were my symptoms.  I went gluten free, and only suffered withdrawal symptoms for about 2 weeks.  All of my “digestive” systems have disappeared. I have also lost 22 lbs too.  I am working out 4 days a week and feel overall good about myself.

My Shoulder

Overall my shoulder feels so much better.  I have had some problems this week as I went and moved some crap and now it hurts.  I am a little worried about it as it has not healed completely since November of last year.  That is a long time for healing to happen.  I just hope that I can someday be pain free.

Well that is all I am going to write for today.  One of the things I promised myself was that if I start an entry that I would publish the same day.  I hope that I get some readers, but I have to remember that isn’t the real reason that I started this.  Have fun everyone that stops by.

About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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2 Responses to Where the Heck Have I been???

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Welcome back, Lee Devine. So you’re a Democrat ! Thank you ! ! !

    • Lee Devine says:

      Thank you, Yes I am a Democrat. In the big scheme of things I believe in helping those less fortunate. I believe that there are certain things a society should do for its people. I believe in true religious freedom, the ability to believe what you want or to not believe at all.
      I will be voting for Obama this year and I am trying to get as many other people to vote for him as I can. It is hard living in Utah but the struggle is worth it.

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