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Canvas – Best LMS around

At the Dixie Applied Technology College, here in St George, Utah we are using the Canvas (by instructure) LMS (learning management system).  I love it.  Being the administrator for the campus, I get to see all the ins and outs of the system.  It is a dream to use, so easy to set up courses.  I am also the program administrator for the OpX (operational excellence) program.  It includes our Manufacturing U, Industrial Facilities Maintenance, and Lean Six Sigma program.  Soon to include our CNC and Quality Technician Programs too. The point being that each program has an on-line portion that is set up through canvas.  Each semester I have to go in and make a new course for the information being covered that semester.  Using Canvas makes that task so easy.  I like it because it is dynamic, fun to use, and best of all easy for the students to use.

Seth’s Blogseths blog  This is the link to Seth’s blog where he talks about making mistakes and taking chances.  it is called out on a limb. As usual I really enjoyed this piece.  you might have noticed that I used the Google URL shortener.  Which is a good segway into my next subject.

I am ADDICTED to Google

Me looking at homework

That is right.  I will admit it here for the first time ever.  I have become addicted to Google products.  It started innocent enough, a doc here, an email account there.  Soon, however, I had sync’d my Chrome account, and then downloaded the drive app to my desktop.  I would sneak out after dinner to find new apps to add to Chrome, I would encourage others to “just take a look” hoping that they too would come over to the “dark side”.
All Joking aside, I am really enjoying learning about Google products.  They are free, which is the only price I would pay, and they are easy to use.  Everyone warns me about privacy, “Well you know” they say “Google is mining your personal data and using it to funnel ads to your page”  to that I say SO WHAT.  Am I so weak that I cant resist advertising?  Will it be so convincing that I go into unimaginable debt because there was a personalized ad on my website?  I don’t think so.  I think that the individual is in charge of what information is out there.  A dedicated hacker will find my personal information no matter what I do to prevent it.  I try to keep my personal life and my web life separate. I think I do a pretty good job.  Every once in a while I will search my name and see what comes up.  (try that it is pretty fun actually) If there is something I find disturbing I would try to fix it, I haven’t found anything like that yet.
There is a plethora of fun things. To name a few that I use, Reader, email, drive, maps, lucid chart (although not a Google product they have integrated it well) and of course Google+.  I am steadily working on moving from Facebook to Google+, at least that is what I tell myself.  I doubt I will ever make the transition.  I use Google+ for techie things and Facebook for intimate or family things.  They both have a purpose and a specific use for me.  I have to admit that I like the Google+ communities feature, it is kind of like a group but not really.

In Conclusion…

I am glad that I have dusted off the blog and started the conversation again.  It is a fun and enjoyable part of my day.  To all those who read this, find something to learn today. I am still learning Google products and am working on an A+ Certification.  Learning is what keeps the brain active, alive and vibrant.


About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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    welcome back , Lee devine ! !

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