Goings on for July


Sometimes I wonder if I am getting anything useful done.  Then I look at all that I have completed and say “D@#N I got a lot done”

I started off the month with the fourth of July celebration here in St George Utah.  It was a fun time.  My very good friends, the Clements family, and I went up to the top of the mesa that used to be the airport for St George and watched the fireworks display.  Although the place was PACKED, we were able to get great seats because we had access to the actual runway of the old airport.  See the city donated a lot of land to the school that I work for that also includes the old terminal building.  I happen to have a master key to the school and that also opens the terminal building.  Don’t worry I asked permission (this time) to use if for our little party.  it was fun.  Next year I am thinking of organizing a actual BBQ and party for the School.  I think that would be fun.
My continuing studies for my A+ certification are going well.  I go in fits.  I really wanted to be done by the end of this month but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.  Which is Okay, but I have increased the pace of what I am learning.  I am confident that I will be done by the end of August.  I also started my Java Class on the 17th.  We get two lessons a week, I am on lesson 4.  I just installed my Java Development Kit (JDK) yesterday.  I am pumped about that actually.  I have always wanted to learn how to “program” on a computer. When I was younger (1980) I had the opportunity to learn how to program in basic and C,  I decided not to because I believed the crap that PC’s would never catch on.  How dumb was that.  So here I am 30+ years later learning how.  It is fun to fulfill some early life dreams.  Here I am working in the educational field, I wanted to be a teacher in high school, I am learning how to be a computer technician, something I wanted to do in the early 80’s, and learning how to program.  How Cool is that.

New Desk

At work I have been occupying an office that, although is nice, is not as big as the desk that I originally had.  Two weeks ago, my boss (or one of them), came to me and said that we were going to move a desk that was in one building to another and I was going to move to the foyer of the building that we hold class in.  The upside to this is I get a really huge desk that I got to design myself.  We build the walls of my desk last week and they dry walled it yesterday.  I am waiting for it to be mudded and textured, I will then paint it and we will install the granite.  I will have to take pictures so I can post them here.  I am also hoping that I can move the IT office down to the other building so I can have that portion of my job closer also.  It means convincing them that there is a better office space for one of the executives than the space I want for my IT office.  I think I have one scooped out but I have some heavy negotiation to do to get that space…  We will see how good a negotiator I am.   I am pretty sure that I can get them to see that my solution is the best one.

Blogger extraordinaire

If you have not checked out Renxkyoko’s space at http://megaworthit.wordpress.com/.  I have it in my blog roll but I want to point it out here. She has written some very thoughtful articles lately.  I am hoping that she continues to speak her mind about subjects of today. Recently she wrote a piece on Obesity.  For me it was a great article because I have struggled with my weight for years now.  When I was young I had a very high metabolism, when I had my gall bladder out it seemed that it was harder for me to keep my weight under control.  I then got a desk job and sitting on my butt all day did not help me.  I still ate like I was working out in the field.  Calories in were way more than calories out and I got fat.  Not morbidly obese but fat enough to feel bad about me and how I looked.  I would try to lose some weight but it just seemed that I would put it right back on.  About a year and a half ago now I went Gluten free.  I went from a high of 284 to 247 now.  I still have a ways to go, but now I understand it is not about losing the weight it is about becoming healthy.  The weight is just a symptom of a larger problem.  If you address the lifestyle you are living the weight will come off.  I have chosen the slow method.  The problem before was that I would make drastic changes and then feel bad when I “failed”.  Now I make small changes and incorporate them into my life before I make another change.  Right now I am focusing on portion control.
Renxkyoko spoke about self control.  That is a huge part of it.  HUGE…  Understanding that you are in control of what you put in your mouth is so enlightening.  Is it still a struggle? Of course it is.  Am I winning because I have a better understanding of my control, you betcha.
The whole purpose of this portion of the blog is to let the world know that there are young people out there that have a great perception of the world. Who have something important to say.  We should listen.  Renxkyoko reads my blog sometimes and I hope she reads it this time.  Keep up the great work you are doing.  The world needs more young people like you.

Well folks that is all for this time.  As I get less busy (yeah, like that is going to happen) I will be back to add more to this journey…

About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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