Happy New Year

happy-new-year-2017-quotes-imagesEvery year, just after Christmas, I reflect on the past year. I review my successes and my failures. Every year I hope that my successes outweigh my failures.
Many years ago I learned that failure was not a bad thing, but an opportunity for learning. A lot of my friends chide me each year telling me not to dwell on my failures and to look at my success. I look at it the other way. I am excited to look at areas of my life that I may have failed at something, it gives me an excellent chance to get better.


Here is my example. Last year I helped to institute a help ticket system at the school. I failed to prioritize some of the tickets correctly. I should have communicated better with my boss on what to do. That taught me a lot about communication and perceptions. It has helped me to shape the way I communicate with my employer.

Size matters

Another thing to understand is, as I have gotten older the size of my failures has gotten smaller. They are not as earth shattering as they were when I was younger. The critical nature of failure has diminished. Does that mean I don’t take big risks? No I take huge risks all the time. I have gotten better at understanding risk and minimizing failure.


So I like to end my posts with a lesson or a point of inspiration. Don’t be afraid of failing. Take risks, understand that failure is part of life. Plan for failure, look at the downside of the risks that you take. What is the worst that could happen and are you prepared for it?
No get out there and enjoy your life, because part of that is taking risks.

About Lee Devine

I love life. I am a program facilitator at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St. George Utah. I can't think of anything I want to do more than help people succeed at education.
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