My name is Lee Devine.

I started to write about my life so many years ago. It was therapeutic and cleansing. I got a lot off my chest that was important for me to say. Not really to the world but to myself.

I still work at the Dixie Applied Technology College (DXATC) and I still love it. So many good things have happened to me there. I started as a program administrator, advanced to an IT specialist, and am now the Information Technology Instructor.
I hope to spread the gospel about adult education and the value of continued learning. I am living proof that if you keep learning new and interesting things you can succeed at life.
None of this has been easy, it has required sacrifice and effort. Long nights where all you want to do is bang your head on the desk.

I hope that everyone that reads my blog enjoys the things I write about. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Bob says:

    Hi Lee! Stumbled across your blog – my life parallels yours in some times and is different in others. One is I was on the Puget Sound 1980-1983 – sailed it over from Norfolk (having previously been in Naples CTF-63 from 1978-80). On AD38 I was in M-Div first and then LPO in R2 Hydraulic shop
    I’m 55 – went in the NAV in 77
    Like your posts on Gaeta, I was single there and ended up with a GF in Gaeta, but marrying another Italian girl from Napoli.
    I can send you my e-mail if you let me know.

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